RMC Partners With DSI for Application Extension

RMC Partners With DSI for Application Extension

Berkshire, United Kingdom; Kansas City, Mo.– DSI announced today that RMC has partnered with DSI for the extension of RMC’s existing applications through the DSI Platform.

The partnership with DSI will enable RMC to create added value for their customers, by extending the Supply Chain Management (SCM) functionalities of the customer’s current software (Oracle NetSuite, ERP Cloud or E-Business Suite) with the DSI platform. By adding the DSI mobile applications, new business models can be set up with an improved visibility over the entire supply chain resulting into cost reductions.

“De Cronos Groep is a tremendous organization. Their approach in terms of building competency centers to support various disciplines is refreshing and in line with our approach to the digital supply chain arena and the fast pace in which it evolves,” said Mark Goode, Chief Revenue Officer, DSI. “De Cronos Groep has a significant skillset across the various Oracle lines of business, with proven successes in areas such as EBS, Oracle Cloud and Oracle NetSuite. These are areas that DSI’s solutions are built around, therefore we feel De Cronos Groep is the right partner to work with in the Benelux region.”

RMC, a division of De Cronos Groep, is an Oracle Platinum partner specializing in services for Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle NetSuite. They received the “Oracle Partner of the Year Award for Benelux” in 2015 and 2016. As an Oracle Platinum partner, RMC provides a wide range of services that customers need during and after their implementation. The RMC team is composed of a unique blend of application, industry and technical experts. RMC employs over 70 specialized consultants and generated a revenue of more than 15 million EUR in 2016. RMC continuously invests in the knowledge and experience of its staff to maintain its level of excellence in Oracle Applications and third-party applications that bring added value to their customers.

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About De Cronos Groep

De Cronos Groep, which was founded in 1991, aims to be a platform for talented people who want to take their career to the next level, by providing them with the opportunity to become entrepreneurs themselves. Within De Cronos Groep, we act as a team to shape groundbreaking ideas. We are a network of innovation with a true focus on entrepreneurship. With more than 4500 highly skilled ICT, marketing and communication professionals, De Cronos Groep has continuously shown sustainable growth for over 25 years.

About DSI

DSI provides customers the opportunity to expand their ERP applications with mobile applications that provide visibility across the entire supply chain. These applications also provide an additional sales channel to, for example, the field service technician.

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